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Yamaha TransAcoustic™ Systems

Yamaha TransAcoustic™ is unlike any piano you’ve ever heard. A true acoustic piano that uses its soundboard to naturally amplify digital sounds, turning your instrument into the world’s most incredible acoustic speaker. Transform your acoustic piano into a Yamaha or Bösendorfer concert grand, an electric piano, harpsichord, organ and more. Then record a track and play along on your acoustic piano. TransAcoustic stretches the imagination and opens up a new world of possibilities.

When a hammer strikes a string, all elements of the acoustic piano resonate together to amplify the unique sound of the instrument. TransAcoustic Technology uses these acoustic elements to bring digital sounds to life, allowing you to adjust the volume and experience the piano in a whole new way.
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Yamaha TransAcoustic™ TA2

Fully integrated TransAcoustic system
Patented dual-transducer technology
Non-contact optical sensor system
Key Sensor type: Continuous grayscale
Hammer Sensor type: Shutter type
Damper Pedal Sensor type: Continuous grayscale Shift/Soft
Sensor type: On/Off detection system
Sostenuto Sensor type: On/Off detection system (for models with sostenuto)
Motorized muting system with Quick Escape mechanism (grands only)
20 playable digital voices
Binaural CFX Concert Grand voice for headphones
480 ensemble voices with 12 Drum Kits
256-note polyphony
Recording formats: Standard MIDI, Audio WAV
Supported file formats: Standard MIDI, WAV
Compatible storage media: USB Flash Memory (up to 64GB)
MIDI connectivity: 5-pin MIDI IN/OUT, USB TO HOST
Audio connectivity: Stereo audio IN x1 (mini stereo), analog audio OUT x 2 (TS), Bluetooth Headphone connectivity: 1/8” mini stereo x 2
Data connectivity: USB TO DEVICE x 1, UD-WL01 (WiFi) Smart Pianist app compatibility

View Available models: U1 | YUS1 | YUS5 | GC1 | C1X | C3X

Silent and TransAcoustc Pianos

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