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In just a few short years, the Estonia piano has become highly acclaimed in the small niche of handcrafted quality instruments.  Built in limited numbers in the musically rich city of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, the Estonia piano enjoys a following of enthusiasts the world over unlike any piano in modern times.

Today, the company is owned by Dr. Indrek Laul, a classically trained pianist from the Juilliard School, along with his family, whose musical roots run deep in Estonia culture. Founded in Estonia over 120 years ago, Estonia pianos enjoyed an excellent reputation amongst musicians and artists in the region. However, under the Soviet regime, the quality of the instrument suffered. After the Soviet fall, Dr. Indrek Laul began purchasing company stock and became its sole owner in 2001.  Assembling a team of experienced managers, Dr. Laul articulated a new direction and vision for the company with the goal of creating a world-class piano. He also brought together the services of skilled artisans and piano experts and collaborated with the Estonian Academy of Sciences to create a redesigned piano, one that has now achieved world-wide recognition for quality and value. Feature articles about the Estonia piano can be found in Forbes, The Associated Press, and on Bloomberg News Network.

Estonia Model L190 Hidden Beauty

Estonia Model L190 Hidden Beauty
Falcetti Pianos has just received an Estonia Model L190 Hidden Beauty Piano. All Estonia pianos are beautiful both in finish and sound, but the Hidden Beauty has an extraordinarily beautiful finish. The inside of the piano’s rim, the music desk and the inner part of the fallboard are finished in a stunning polished Bubinga. Bubinga is known for its beautiful grain patterns. The rest of the piano is finished in polished ebony. When the piano is closed it appears entirely as a polished ebony piano, but when the lid and fallboard is open, the Bubinga finish is seen, explaining the term "Hidden Beauty".

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If you ever want to trade the piano you have purchased from us, we'll credit you 100% of the price you paid towards any piano in our stock of equal or higher value.
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Pre-Owned Pianos Program

Our used inventory is priced to sell quickly. Most of our used pianos are tagged at a “fraction of their new price". Choose from pre-owned grands, uprights and digitals.
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Falcetti Pianos offers attractive pricing on a wide-range of pianos, from $59.00 - $179.00 per month for Clavinova, Hybrid and Acoustic models. Rental fees can be applied toward purchase.

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From delivering and setting up a
1400 lb Yamaha 9' concert grand piano, to delivering your piano to its new home, we can professionally handle all your piano moving needs.

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Having your piano tuned on a regular schedule by a good piano tuner will protect your investment, as well as provide you with a well-voiced and well-tuned instrument.

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Falcetti Pianos maintains concert ready rental pianos for performance and promotional events throughout the Northeast. Select from professional Grands, Hybrids, and Uprights.

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