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Prequalify for Financing

This secure pre-qualification system is hosted by The Piano Credit Company©.

Please fill out the application below for pre-approval.

Pre-Approval FAQs

Will prequalifying affect my credit score?
No. This application only performs a "soft pull" and does not impact your credit score in any way. Only if you decide to proceed to a "full" application, will the finance company perform a full credit check.

What type of response will I get when I submit this form ?
Once submitted, you'll see one of two responses:

OFFER - you will likely qualify for financing based on the information you supplied on the form. The dollar amount reflected in your response is an estimated figure, you may qualify for a higher amount when filling out the full application.
NO OFFER - Piano Credit is unable to prequalify you based on the information you supplied, examples being if you have limited credit or if your credit profile is frozen.

Neither response is final and you can still complete a full application by contacting one of our stores.

A sales associate will contact you once you receive your prequalification response to discuss how to finalize the process of financing your piano.

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