Yamaha CFX 2022
The next-generation concert grand is finally here !

The Yamaha CFX 2022 is the culmination of 12 years of further development from the release of the original CFX in 2010. With the new CFX comes Yamaha’s new “Unibody Concept” philosophy, which unites the player and piano in performance and harmony. This results in a piano that responds to the artists’ desires from the intended nuances to the subtle color to the softest pianissimo and most powerful fortissimo.

In addition, the revolutionary wood-reforming technology developed by Yamaha, A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement), has been applied to the rim and back posts of the new CFX offering a warm, deep sound that can be achieved with this natural wood aging technology.

With a completely new innovative design including a new soundboard design, reshaped bridge, redesigned hammers, and a lighter frame, this concert grand is a testament to the continued craftsmanship and innovative genius of Yamaha, created with a focus on the artist’s perspective and a dedication to creating the finest piano possible.

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