Bösendorfer 214VC

Experience the unique qualities of the new VC - Vienna Concert – technology, 7’ in length. Based on the success of our Concert Grand 280VC – having captivated audiences and artists on world renowned stages – we have further upgraded the design of our 214, combining close to 2 centuries of experience in piano crafting with the latest technological advances in 3D modelling. No doubt, we have embedded as well the DNA of our Concert Grand. If you listened to the sound of this instrument only, you would be surprised by the size and the dynamic responsiveness of our Bösendorfer Grand. This energy is ready to be unleashed by the pianist. Brilliant in sound and expression: the new Bösendorfer 214VC – Vienna Concert.


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Bösendorfer is the only piano manufacturer that applies a detachable and independent Capo d’Astro in the upper register. This is how we assure an utmost precise adjustment in the upper register guaranteeing the original Bösendorfer Sound for generations: Unique sound for more than one generation.

Tonal stability at its best: Our open pinblock consists out of 3 layers of 7mm quarter sawn maple, glued cross-grained to each other. Settled on a base of red beech this construction offers a firm basis for the pins tied with strings. The top layer is refined with a 1.5mm walnut veneer. Our open pin block: a sound basis indeed.

Each string is individually attached with a handmade loop. Over time this improves tuning stability and is particularly service friendly.


Bösendorfer Silent Edition
The 214VC can also be enjoyed in the middle of the night with the Bösendorfer Silent Edition.
We only use the state of the art Yamaha Silent System SH which does not alter mechanical nor acoustic qualities in the slightest.
Musical inspiration, acoustic and digital in nature: glistening sound waves oscillating in two worlds.

Sophisticated VC Technology
Ultimate VC action geometry for optimal play & controllability

• Independent Capo d’Astro for perfect adjustment in the descant registry •
• Sophisticated processing of European raw materials exclusively •
• Resonance body out of Austrian spruce resonance wood •
• Hand spun Bösendorfer bass strings •
• Handcrafted in Austria •
• Single stringing •
• 3 pedals •

Bösendorfer Artists